Kaki Oyster (Ikura Uni) (4 PCS)

Kaki Oyster (Ikura Uni) (4 PCS)

Kaki Oyster (Ikura Uni) (4 PCS)

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Experience the epitome of luxury with our exquisite combination of Bafun Uni, Oyster, and Hokkaido Ikura.

Each element contributes to a symphony of flavors - the velvety richness of the Bafun Uni, the briny freshness of the oyster, and the popping delight of the Ikura.

Together, they create a texture-rich, umami-filled sensation that leaves an exceptionally pleasing aftertaste.

A truly exclusive gastronomic indulgence!

Availability: Available both Lunch & Dinner Hour.

Price :ย $43.6 for 4 pieces.

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