Fresh Akagai (Ark Shell / 娈间粯璧よ矟)

Fresh Akagai (Ark Shell / 娈间粯璧よ矟)

Fresh Akagai (Ark Shell / 娈间粯璧よ矟)

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Thank you very much for your support! The season for Japan's Akagai has now ended. The next available season will be around November. We will keep you updated, so please stay tuned.

Fresh Akagai has a refreshing, complex, and gorgeous sweetness. The unique umami flavor of Akagai offers a pleasantly crunchy texture.聽As you chew, the milder yet rich umami begins to release across the tongue, creating a complex flavor that continues to develop with each bite.聽

Our Akagai hails from Japan, not China or Korea 鈥 rest assured to consume.

The displayed image shows three pieces ; the price is for a single piece. Photos are for reference only.

  • Origin: Our Akagai is sourced directly from Japan, not China or Korea. You get what you pay for 鈥 premium quality.

  • Freshness: A world apart from the frozen variety, our fresh Akagai boasts a soft and tender texture that encourages slow and intentional enjoyment.

  • Cutting Method:聽Chougiri (铦跺垏銈) or Kanokogiri (楣裤伄瀛愬垏銈) will applied. Increases the surface area of the Akagai, enhancing flavor distribution throughout the mouth and creating an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Availability:聽Available both Lunch & Dinner Hour. Please note that our聽Akagai聽is offered in limited stock and is served on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    • Dine-in : Subject to 10% Service Charge and GST.

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