Aji Otsukuri 鰺の姿つくり

Aji Otsukuri 鰺の姿つくり

Aji Otsukuri 鰺の姿つくり

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Aji, or Japanese Horse Mackerel, stands as a shining example of Japan's white fish cuisine.

Its distinctive, delightful flavor, lustrous silver skin, and pristine, translucent flesh make it more than just visually stunning—it's a testament to its exceptional freshness and quality.

As our best-selling seasonal fresh fish, Aji defines the pinnacle of our offerings.

  • Wild-caught from Japan and swiftly air-flown. our Aji guarantees peak freshness on your plate.

  • Our skilled chefs employ delicate cutting techniques, not only enhancing the unique flavor profile of Aji but also transcending the ordinary dining experience.

  • We recommend savoring our Aji with our complimentary sides of ginger mince and spring onion, or a petite piece of Obba leaf. These additions lend an extra note of complexity, accentuating Aji's unique flavor.

Availability: Available both Lunch & Dinner Hour. Please note that our Aji is offered in limited stock and is served on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Preparation Methods & Price Range (Varies with seasons):

  1. Aji Otsukuri (鰺の姿つくり) - $32: Whole Fish Sashimi arranged with Pose, served with fish head and bones. This elegantly arranged dish offers a visually stunning and delightfully tasty experience (approximately 200-250g).

  2. Grilled Aji - $32: A popular method in Japan to savor Aji's unique umami.

  3. Aji Sashimi (Half Portion) - $18: Perfect for two Aji lovers to share, or for one true Aji enthusiast. This offering comes without fish frames.

  4. Aji Tataki (Half Portion) - $18: Finely chopped Aji Sashimi, best paired with green onions and ginger for a truly authentic Japanese taste.

  • Dine-in : Subject to 10% Service Charge and GST.

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