Madai Sashimi (Japanese Sea Bream)

Madai Sashimi (Japanese Sea Bream)

Madai Sashimi (Japanese Sea Bream)

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Harvested and freshly air-flown from Japan, Madai is a typical white-fleshed fish known for its light and elegant umami. Its texture is slightly chewy, and when slightly seared, the umami enhances as the oil from the fish's skin is released.

  • Air-Flown Freshness: Our sashimi is freshly air-flown from Japan and never treated with preservatives or frozen, preserving the unique taste of the fresh Madai.

  • Hassle-Free Enjoyment: Handled and sliced to perfection by professional chefs, our sashimi is presented in a tasteful tray with appropriate accompaniments, ready to serve for any gathering or party.

    Enjoy the convenience of our fresh sashimi β€” no awkward defrosting needed.

  • Fair Weight: We're committed to delivering the weight indicated for every order. While the number of slices may vary, rest assured that the overall weight will meet your expectations.

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